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Frequently Asked Question
What are the registration requirements for registering a .AU domain?

In order to register a .com.au or net.au domain name, the applicant must:

- be an Australian registered company or have an Australian partnership or sole trader; or

- be the owner of an Australian Registered Trade Mark, the applicant of an Australian Trademark, or the owner of an international trademark including the Australian territory.

If you do not meet any of these requirements, you may apply for a trademark registration in Australia with our company here; please note that it is recommended that the trademark has the same name as the one used for your domain application. For instance, if the desired domain was “abcd.com.au”, then you would have to file for a word trademark “abcd”. After filing your trademark, we will be able to register your .com.au domain in approximately 3 weeks.

If you cannot wait for the trademark to be registered, we might be able to offer another solution. In this case please contact us via email to support@marcaria.com and provide us the name of the domain you wish to register and the purpose of the website.

What is the minimum registration term allowed?

The minimum registration term for “.au” extensions are 2 years.

Do you offer Trustee for this extension?

No, we don’t offer Trustee service for this extension.

Does this extension support third level domains?

Yes, it does support third level extension, you can register domains with “.com.au” and “.net.au”

Is there an official whois server for .AU domains?

Yes, it is whois.audns.net.au

What is the contact information of this registry?

The contact information is:


Sponsoring Organisation

.au Domain Administration (auDA)

114 Cardigan Street

Carlton VIC 3053


Administrative Contact

Cameron Boardman

.au Domain Administration (auDA)

114 Cardigan Street

Carlton VIC 3053


Email: cameron.boardman@auda.org.au

Voice: + 61 03 8341 4111, + 61 1300 732 929

Fax: + 61 03 8341 4112

Technical Contact

Adam King,

.au Domain Administration (auDA)

114 Cardigan Street

Carlton VIC 3053


Email: adam.king@auda.org.au

Voice: +61 (0)3 8341 4111

Fax: +61 (0)3 8341 4112

Who is the registry that manages this domain extension?

The authority in charge of managing this extension is “AUDA.ORG.AU”

Does .AU support IDN characters?

The .AU Registry is not currently offering IDN characters

What are the minimum and maximum length of characters?

The minimum is 2 and the maximum is 63

What characters .AU extension supports?

It is possible to register the letters a to z, the numbers 0 to 9and hyphens (-), or a combination of these. It is not possible to register domains that begin or end with a hyphen “-“ and should not contain hyphens in the third and fourth position (eg. ab--cd.com.au).

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