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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the registration requirements for registering a .IE domain?

In order to register a .IE domain, the domain owner must meet one or more of the following requirements:
- The owner must be a irish company or a natural person with residence in Ireland; or
- The owner must be a foreign company or natural person or natural person who can prove his or her relationship with Ireland(*).

Note (*):
If the owner us a foreign company, he can be prove his relationship with Ireland by the following ways:
- Providing evidence to show that he trading with or providing a service to Irish customers (an invoice from an Irish company or a solicitor or accountant’s letter confirming your current or future trade with Ireland).
- Providing evidence to show that he will be relocating to Ireland in the near future.
- Holding a Republic of Ireland or EU Community registered trademark.

What is the minimum registration term allowed?

The minimum registration term for “.ie” extensions is 1 year.

Do you offer Trustee for this extension?

No, we don’t offer Trustee service for this extension.

Does this extension support third level domains?

No, it does not support, you can register only domains with “.ie” extension, it is not supported domains like “”.

Is there an official whois server for .IE domains?

Yes, it is

What is the contact information of this registry?

The contact information is:


Sponsoring Organisation

University College Dublin

Computing Services

Computer Centre


Dublin City, Dublin 4


Administrative Contact

Chief Executive

IE Domain Registry Limited

2 Harbour Square

Dún Laoghaire

Co. Dublin


Email: [email protected]

Voice: +353 1 236 5412

Fax: +353 1 230 1273

Technical Contact

Technical Services Manager

IE Domain Registry Limited

2 Harbour Square

Dún Laoghaire

Co. Dublin


Email: [email protected]

Voice: +353 1 236 5421

Fax: +353 1 230 1273

Who is the registry that manages this domain extension?

The authority in charge of managing this extension is “DOMAINREGISTRY.IE”

Does .IE support IDN characters?

Yes, it supports the following characters:

á é í ó ú

What are the minimum and maximum length of characters?

The minimum is 3 and the maximum is 63

What characters .IE extension supports?

It is possible to register the letters a to z, the numbers 0 to 9, the fada character (acute accent) and the hyphen “-“.However, it is not possible to register domains that begin or end with a hyphen “-“.Spaces and other symbols are not permitted for use.

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