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.SK domain names are the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Slovakia. It is administered SK-NIC. This domain extension was founded in March 1993.

Please note in order to register a .SK domain, the owner must be a company registered in Slovakia, if client does not meet this requirement we will register the .SK domain to the name of our representatives and then make it available to the client; this alternative does not have additional cost.

.SK domains enables you to protect your business online, it also makes for a distinctive web address that is also easy to remember. .SK domains allow you to reach and communicate with the audience in Slovakia.

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The following is the contact information for NIC.SK:

Sponsoring Organization
SK-NIC, a.s.
Borska 6
Bratislava 84104
Slovak Republic

Administrative Contact
GAC delegate
Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
Stefanovicova 5
Bratislava 81782
Slovak Republic
Voice: +421/2/595 82 426
Fax: +421/2/595 82 498

Technical Contact
Technical Director
SK-NIC, a.s.
Borska 6
Bratislava 84104
Slovak Republic
Voice: +421 2 350 350 30
Fax: +421 2 350 350 39

The URL of NIC Slovakia is