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.TV domain names are the Internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Tuvalu. It is administered by the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

These domains are also marketed to appeal to the media-entertainment industry as the extension is .TV (television).

.TV domains enable you to protect your business online; it also makes for a distinctive web address that is also easy to remember. .TV domains allow you to reach and communicate with the audience in Tuvalu.

Sponsoring Organization
Ministry of Finance and Tourism
2 Vaiaku Rd
Vaiaku Funafuti
Administrative Contact
Director of ICT
Ministry of Communications and Transport
2 Vaiaku Rd
Vaiaku Funafuti
Voice: + (688) 20055
Fax: + (688) 20722
Technical Contact
Registry Customer Service
Verisign Global Registry Services
21345 Ridgetop Circle
Dulles Virginia 20166
United States
Voice: +1 703 925-6999
Fax: +1 703 421-5828

The URL of NIC Tuvalu is: