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Check Generic Domains

Generic domains are the most popular in the world. Several businesses, organizations, institutions, and associations use them online.  Most of them are available for registration by a person or entity.  With a short and distinctive domain and a specific extension, you can create a unique and outstanding identity online.  You can use our WHOIS search tool to search for any domain name with any of the above extensions.

Generic Top Level Domains (GTLDs)

Of all domains, .com is the oldest and most popular extension. Thousands of people lookup websites with .com extension as they are more appealing to Internet users. Non-profits and charitable organizations prefer .org as they serve public interest best while mobile sites use .mobi to woo Internet users. Globally, .info is the agreed standard for information sharing portals and sites while .biz extension is the preferred choice for businesses and merchants. Network sites are more inclined to use .net while adult-only sites and portals use .xxx to distinguish their identity online. For educators and academic institutions, .edu is the agreed standard globally

Check Generic Domain Status

Before you can register any generic domain, you will need to check its status first.  That’s the surest way to determine domain name availability. You can perform whois lookup on any generic TLD by just clicking on the link to the extension you would like to register. Marcaria’s whois search tool will enable you to look up and verify the status of all generic domains, including registered or expired. All you need to do is to enter the URL in the search box and you will get information on the registrant and the Domain Status.

Fast and Simple Generic Domain Search

Marcaria has made it easy for anyone to lookup generic domain names and extensions online.  You can look up over 19 extensions for generic domains.  Simply click the extension that you want from the list above. You will be taken to the Whois search page for that extension where you can enter the domain name in the search query box. In a blink of an eye, our search tool will retrieve the information that you want from our WHOIS database. 

For quick domain search, we have listed all generic domains alphabetically. Simply click on the link to any domain above and use the domain checker to find available gTLDs. You will get search query results that will show you whether the domain name is available for registration. Why not start your search for your favorite domain name using our free whois lookup tool?